Swiss Town Begins Accepting Bitcoin For Public Services

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18 Jun 2019.

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The Swiss town council of the small municipality of Zug, Switzerland made the decision on May 3rd, 2016 to accept Bitcoin payments for dues and public utilities as part of a trial run on crypto-currency acceptance.

10/05/2016  · In a world first, the Swiss town of Zug in central Switzerland will begin accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as payment for government services on a trial basis. The Zug municipality made the decision at its meeting on May 3 and the pilot project will start from July 1.

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12/05/2016  · In an international first, the Swiss town of Zug in central Switzerland will begin accepting Bitcoin payments for government services on a trial basis, the international service of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SwissInfo reports. Zug residents will be able to make payments of up to 200 Swiss francs ($205) using Bitcoin.

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10/05/2016  · A council in central Switzerland will soon accept the digital currency Bitcoin as payment for some public services. The trial scheme, in the town of Zug, will begin on 1 July and run until the end.

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City of Zermatt Switzerland Now Accepts Tax Payments in BitcoinChapter 4, Blockchain in Financial Services in Emerging Markets—Current.

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29 Jan 2020.

Swiss Ski Resort Zermatt Now Accepts Bitcoin to Pay Taxes.

The town's 5,400 residents will be able to settle bills for taxes and other government services such as work permits using the cryptocurrency, Mayor Romy Biner-Hauser said.

That municipality started accepting them in 2016, Biner-Hauser said.

10/05/2016  · Swiss Town Accepts Bitcoin for Public Services 10 May 2016 by OneStopBrokers A town in Switzerland has begun to accept Bitcoin payments for certain city services. The northern town of Zug decided to allow Bitcoin payments earlier this month for public services as a part of a trial run.

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