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Innov#8 | 27 September 2016 | Intrapreneurship for Real

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Doing is the best form of thinking.

Tom Chi


One thing we’ve learnt over the years of hosting conferences is that there’s no shortage of excellent stories and real life examples of intrapreneurship to share.

Take IBM, for example. This 100+ year-old corporate giant has no plans to slack off in the innovation side of business and understands that its best ideas come from IBMers. Its Intrapreneurship@IBM program, founded in 2014, is designed to take advantage of this and aims to foster corporate entrepreneurs and bring their ideas to life.

Then there’s GE with FastWorks, its lean startup approach to building better products faster. Education company Pearson is keeping the learner at the centre of what it does with its six-step process and Product Lifecycle team. And Qualcomm’s innovation program started during lunch and grew into a grassroots movement involving teams from all over the world who have captured 50 patents pending in 50 months (and counting).

Earlier this year innovation leaders did express they recognize intrapreneurship as a viable strategy for driving innovation and growth. Are you?


Interested in learning more about what makes successful leaders tick, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman decided to do their own research to find out. They identified 10 distinctive behaviours that innovation leaders share.

They have a clear, strategic vision and are incredibly curious about their customers and their needs and wants. They develop good relationships with those they lead and build a culture of mutual trust, along with believing in a culture that values communication from the bottom up. They’re loyal and dedicated to the overall good of the organization and the customer.

These successful innovation leaders know and excel at the power of persuasion and can inspire and motivate others. They also know how to push people and set stretch goals, prefer experiments and rapid prototypes to focus on speed, and are known for their candid communication style – no sugarcoating here.


The newest book from Bill Taylor, cofounder of Fast Company, takes a look at some extraordinary things happening in somewhat ordinary businesses.

Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways draws on the stories of 15 organizations – most you’ve probably never heard of, like European cleaning services company SOL which entered related fields such as security services by empowering their employees.

The key message, writes Dylan Schleicher from 800-CEO-READ, is that “even those in established industries, and with expertise, can and should be creative in business.” He points to one of the examples in the book, Megabus, which “revolutionized” the rather unglamorous industry of bus travel. This was the surprising work of multi-billion dollar company Stagecoach Group, and not of a cheeky outsider a la Uber, as you might expect.

Taylor writes: “There’s no such thing as an average or old-fashioned business, just average or old-fashioned ways to do business. In fact, the opportunity to reach for extraordinary may be most pronounced in settings that have been far too ordinary for far too long.”


Telco’s Investing in IoT & Fintech

The telecommunications industry is growing increasingly dynamic as a host of technologies, including IoT devices, connected cars, big data, and AR/VR, begin to redefine what connectivity and media consumption mean. To keep up, big telecoms are investing in startups, stepping up their M&A activity, and expanding their offerings.

For example, Verizon recently bought Yahoo!, AOL, and connected fleet startup Telogis, while Comcast announced it’s launching a wireless service next year.

Since 2014, the most-active large telecoms have made 35 investments in IoT companies (15 of which to industrial IoT startups), and 32 investments into fintech. These were the top two categories for large telecom investments into private companies.

Calling all Startups: Here’s Where Telecoms Are Placing Private Market Bets


# If you missed the London event and its livestream last week, stay tuned- the videos will be published this week at Intrapreneurship.World. Below you find a visual summary of the stories and perspectives shared on stage, beautifully captured by the team at Scriberia.intracnf-london-summary-by-scriberia

## Every week Mark Storm shares his observations and insights on innovation and intrapreneurship. This week, it’s all about solving non-existing problems.
Check the field notes here


# Are you wondering how peers at other companies are selecting and rewarding intrapreneurs, defining metrics and measuring success for their programs, getting buy-in and sponsorship across functions, and overcoming resistance? Are you planning for getting your intrapreneurship program off the ground, or taking it to the next level?

We’re hosting three #IntraCnf Office Hours where we invite the best and brightest intrapreneurs and innovation experts to answer ALL your questions on intrapreneurship and corporate innovation.

Submit your question and register here

## In order to stay relevant, innovation has to come from anyone, anywhere, always. To inspire and shape the conversation on the role of intrapreneurship and intrapreneurs in a rapidly changing business landscape, we invited six global thought leaders for plenary talks to open and close Intrapreneurship Conference #8 Silicon Valley. Check their stories here



What’s this, INNOV#8?

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So far, we did send you updates about upcoming events. With this, we aim to provide you with useful and practical insights as well as a glimpse of what’s happening in the global intrapreneurship community.

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