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The secret to Corporate Innovation…

is that there is no secret. No silver bullet, no recipe for success.

As a corporate innovator, you’re faced with new, more diverse  and more complex challenges every day. Whether it’s finding the right people for joining your teams, managing the mothership and getting funding, or figuring out the best way to engage with startups- there’s always another nut to crack.

For the most part, you love these challenges- that’s why you are part of the small minority of entrepreneurial folks inside a large organization. At the same time, you’re supposed to deliver more, faster and better results than ever before.

So, it’s good to know there is a place for you to find practical ideas for solving these challenges and to understand how your peers are tackling those issues.

Welcome to Intrapreneurship.World – your place for Everything Intrapreneurship.

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To 99% of your questions, you won’t find an answer just by googling it. If you’re lucky, you’ll get another 7-secrets-of-innovation-bla-bla piece of content- often not really helpful.

Instead, here you’ll find relevant, practical and high-quality articles, videos and live sessions. And as a Premium member, you get unlimited and immediate access to all of that (and more).

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What others are saying

We’ve welcomed 1700+ corporate innovators to the Intrapreneurship Conference since 2011- they loved it. Great people, great content!


This is an unusual conference, because it has real practitioners that are trying to solve real innovation challenges for their companies. Unlike other conferences where they just talk about innovation, these are people who do innovation.

Scott Armanini


The Intrapreneuship Conference in London is the single best event I have ever been to. The format keeps things small yet pack in diversity. The conversations that started during the conference extend over time.

Kate Hammer


High energy! I loved how there was buzz going around and everybody was supporting each other.  The speakers were super motivated. High quality content. Practical! I went home with a practical plan forward. 

Erik Leung


Can’t seem to get enough of it honestly. And I keep going back to the site to refresh myself. Great content!

Pawanjit Singh

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